We have Red Wattle, Tamworth, Duroc and Berkshire pigs!   

Red Wattle pigs are large red pigs with fleshy appendages on either side of their neck, that seem to have no purpose other than to give them their name.  They are very docile in nature and easy to handle.  The sows are excellent mothers that raise good growing pigs.  Our Red Wattle herd has grown considerably and we have a good selection of breeding stock from all over the United States.  We have several boars and sows from different genetic lines and are able to breed quality pigs for both breeding stock and meat.  Contact us to find out what we have!    

Berkshire pigs are known for their gourmet pork that is highly prized by chefs nationwide for it's exceptional taste, texture and quality.  The Berkshire breed is a good breed for pasturing that will do well on grass, with limited supplemental grain.  They are good mothers that are fairly docile in nature and easy to handle.   

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has the Red Wattle hog on the critically endangered list and we desperatly need more breeding herds to keep this wonderful breed around long term.  The Tamworth hog is on the threatened list.  Currently we don't have any purebred boars for these ladies so we can't make any purebred Tamworth pigs however we will be crossing them with the Red Wattle boars that we have to make some wonderful meat animals. 


Pictured below is a fine example of a Red Wattle sow carrying her first litter. 

 Below:  RW boar Ranger and RW gilt Mona sharing a meal.

 Below:  One of our Berkshire litters enjoying the sun.


One of our RW gilts that we purchased from Illinois in the summer of 2011.   

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