UPDATE 1/26/16: We still breed pigs and offer piglets year round. Call for availability.  

Welcome to High Mountain Hogs!  We are a small family farm in the mountains of Trinity County in Northern California.  We currently have a small herd of Red Wattle, Tamworth, Berkshire and Duroc crossbred pigs. We mostly sell weaned pigs but have breeding stock for sale as well.  We focus on growth and meat taste, which is why most of our herd is a Red Wattle or Red Wattle cross.  

Pigs are a wonderful animal and very satisfying to breed and raise.  All of our pigs are fed a custom grain mix from our local feed store that is non medicated.  We do not use growth hormones of any kind.  We are not an organic farm, but none of our animals are medicated unless there is a good reason to do so. 

We do not use gestation or farrowing crates.  All our sows farrow in free stalls or individual houses where they are free to get up and go outside if they like.  It sometimes makes getting to a piglet a little challenging, especially if the sow is very maternal, but it seems like the best method for everyone. 

Red Wattle pigs are listed as critically endangered with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC). 

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